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The Power of Gratitude

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To health, dreams, love, freedom, sunrises, beaches, the moon and the stars - Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, we are taking time and space to pay gratitude to all that is around us. 

The simple act of practicing gratitude holds so many benefits. Science shows that people who regularly take time to acknowledge what they are grateful for sleep better, have higher self-esteem, stronger immune systems and have reduced toxic emotions. Ultimately gratitude is good for the body, which makes sense as a happy mind = happy body. 

While today in particular is a fitting time to reflect on what you are thankful for, why not incorporate that mindset into your everyday life? 

There are so many ways to reap the benefits of gratitude. Here are a few simple ways you can give thanks each day:

1. Keep a gratitude journal

Over the past decade there have been numerous studies on the benefits of writing down what you are thankful for. The science is pretty straight-forward. Writing helps us to organize our thoughts, accept our experiences and identify meaning of events around us. By translating our thoughts into concrete language we are able to subjectively analyze them and in turn deepen their emotional impact. 

So, try it out. Dedicate just five minutes a day to writing down what you are thankful for. Your entries can be short, can be long, they can be mundane or they can be filled with passion. It doesn't matter - just write it out. 

2. Volunteer

Studies show that people who volunteer are generally happier. A study by Happily shows that 94% of people say volunteering improves their moods, 78% say it lowers their stress levels and 96% say it enriches their sense of purpose in life. 

As Ghandi said, "the best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others."

3. Smile

It may sound silly but we all should smile more. Smiling holds many social, psychological and health benefits. The act of smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your happiness. When you smile, dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are all released, which lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. 

So keep those pearly whites out for the world to see. 

Our Gratitude

To show our gratitude, we are holding our biggest sale of the year. Beginning tomorrow through January 1st all brazilets are 30% off. To redeem your discount simply enter HOLIDAYWISHES during checkout. 

We hope you all have a beautiful day that is full of thanks.


The Brazilets Team


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